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12 Reasons You Should Use QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the #1 best-selling small business accounting tool, and there is a reason.  Here are just 12 benefits BGS witnessed from small business owners getting their accounting under control and using QuickBooks

QuickBooks can help your decision making

Make Better Decisions About Your Business Growth

Most people struggle when making decisions because they don’t have the necessary information to help them evaluate their solution options. QuickBooks allows you to centralize and organize your finances in one place, so you can easily access it whenever you need.  So, keep your accounting current.

Increase Your Profitability Using QuickBooks

If you’re able to make better decisions, then your business is operating more productively.  Profitability is a measure of business productivity, which means more money drops to your bottom line!

Get Faster Approval on Your Credit and Lending Needs for Growth and Expansion

Imagine going to the bank for a loan or to increase you line of credit. Five minutes before you walk out the door you pull up QuickBooks and print your financial report and your ready to get approval. That is possible if you get your accounting cleaned up and stay on top of you bookkeeping.

QuickBooks Can Help You Become an Absentee Owner

Most owner operators feel they can’t leave their business, or the wheels will come off.  At BGS we advocate creating a self-sustaining business.  Setup correctly, QuickBooks has nearly everything you need to monitor your business performance and financial health from anywhere.

Identify and Fix Cash Flow Issues Before They Become Problems

Get better handle on cash flow with QuickBooksBusinesses get into cash flow problems because they don’t track all the financial assets that feed their cash flow statement.  Think of how much more sleep could you get if you use QuickBooks to keep your accounting data up to date, the proactively could manage your cash flow!

Use QuickBooks to Monitor Actual vs. Budget and Your Business Health

Many owners without a budget don’t because they can’t track it. With QuickBooks you can enter your budget, then when you complete your regular accounting you can click a link and instantly get a report showing comparing well your team financially performed to the plan.

Save Hours of Data Entry by downloading banks and credit card transactions directly into QuickBooks.

Setup correctly data entry is reduced to nearly zero as most banks and financial institutions allow you to download data directly into QuickBooks.  Just regularly reconcile your statements and correctly classify transaction as need then data entry is complete!

Reduce Your Paperwork by Capturing and Storing Receipts in QuickBooks

QuickBooks allows you to store your receipt in the system directly with the accounting transaction. No need for tons of messy folders in storage boxes in costly store rooms to comply with IRS documentation requirements.

Save Money by Consolidating Software Using QuickBooks

QuickBooks has many different versions which can be used to do much of the administrative work necessary in most businesses. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors can consult with you to find the right version and modules to handle you accounting needs.

Help Employees Get Work Done Faster with More Consistency

When things are setup correctly, your accounting system can streamline many aspects of your business workflow. Think how much more work you could get down if everyone increased productivity by 5%, 10%, or more, which translates directly to increasing your profitability!

Drive Accountability All the Way Down to the Individual Employee Level

Once everything is being properly accounted for, you can begin using our Tuning Your Revenue Engine to define your operational metrics. Now, you can objectively measure everyone’s performance. Imagine how much less you’d worry if you could monitor every cause and effect in your business.

Reduce Your Stress By Knowing Exactly What Going On In Your Business

With everything humming like a well-oiled machine, and the current health of your business just a few clicks away, why worry? This is what BGS Bookkeeping can do for you. We’ll show you what’s necessary for business growth and then help you configure your QuickBooks system to give all the reports you need to become an absentee owner.

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