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About Business Growth Simplified (BGS) Bookkeeping

Business Growth Simplified bookkeeping is more than just a bookkeeping service. BGS Bookkeeping is an extension of the Business Growth Simplified brand. Yes, we provide you with accounting services, but here is where we are different. Our services are aligned with our business self-sustainability philosophy. This means we are not only managing your books, we are assisting you with improving your financial resources which is 1 of the 8 factors that influence business growth.

Our service is designed to help you with your bookkeeping and accounting, but beyond your financial reports, we utilize the BGS Tuning Your Revenue Engine management model to optimize the operation side of your business.  This is where 75% or more of what driver business performance and impacts your productivity and profitability.

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Who is Business Growth Simplified?

Founder Dino Eliadis created the Business Growth Simplified brand, named after his book of the same title, to scale his passion for serving the small business community, for nearly 3 decades, in achieving what owners dreamed of when starting their business – independence and financial freedom.

The suite of DIY tools and business services representing Business Growth Simplified help small business owners accelerate business growth to build a self-sustaining business which leads to independence and financial freedom. Our DIY tools and business services include:

The BGS Vision:

To reduce the number of failed small businesses around the world by helping small business owners to achieve their dream for independence and financial freedom. Achieving our vision helps build stronger communities by creating more jobs and increasing available revenue all by just growing more self-sustainable local businesses.

The BGS Mission:

We help owners optimize business performance by finding more productive and profitable solutions while building a self-sustaining business using our BGS suite of DIY tools and business services.