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Understand Your Growth Stage & Grow Faster!

bookkeeping have you overwhelmed?Do you feel overwhelmed by your numbers or drowning in paperwork? Lack of current bookkeeping keeping you from making critical decision about your business growth?  If accounting doesn’t happen regularly in a business financial problems result.

We find when bookkeeping is not kept current it’s usually results from:

  • Lack of time for the owner to get to administrative responsibilities.
  • Owner or person responsible for bookkeeping doesn’t have accounting background.
  • Nobody at the company understands the regulatory requirements for state and federal filings.
  • Accounting is treated as an “after the fact” exercise.
  • Personal and business finances are being intermingled.
  • Loans to the business are not properly entered impacting report totals and taxes
  • Employees not properly classified resulting in fines and penalties.

How Our Ongoing Bookkeeping Services Helps

get your bookkeeping under control

Our bookkeeping services help you optimize your accounting, so you have the information you need to make more profitable decisions in your business.  What this means for you is:

BGS bookkeeping services helps you feel less frightened by your accounting, so you can focus on what moves your business forward.  BGS provides complete accounting and bookkeeping services, including everything you need to stay current on your financial position and the health of your business.

Our Bookkeeping Specialist Will:

  • Regularly reconciling your bank, credit cards, and loan statements.
  • Review all expense and deposit entries are properly classified.
  • Make journal and subsidiary ledgers entries to assure accounts reflect current financial position.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial report needed to run your business
  • Offer feedback based on your Unpaid Bills and Accounts Receivable Reports.
  • Provide financial input based on your Statement of Cash Flows.
  • Assess your business health based on your current P & L and Balance Sheet
  • Action list each quarter closes based on your Quarterly Reports.

Don’t feel you don’t get this level of support from your current accounting service or department, then talk with BGS-Bookkeeping. Call us today at: 727-453-9886 or email [email protected].