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Get up to 50% Off Your End of Year Accounting

End of year accounting inboxBy finding this page you’re probably looking for end of year accounting cleanup as it can cause many different business and financial problems. Do any of these sounds familiar?

  • Trouble managing cash flow
  • Lack of data for decision making and business planning
  • Inaccurate and incomplete financial reports
  • Get farther and farther behind on your tax payments
  • Buried under mounting overall business debt

BGS Bookkeeping wants to help! So, for a limited time we’re offering up to a 50% discount to end of year accounting cleanup. Just agree to let BGS Bookkeeping keep your accounting current in the coming year with our Ongoing Bookkeeping Service and this sweet deal is yours!

That’s it! Just agree to let BGS Bookkeeping keep your accounting current in the coming year and we’ll get you caught up for up to 50% off!!!

What You Get with Your End of Year Accounting Cleanup

End of year accounting outboxFirst, our accounting team gathers your information and makes sure it matches official documents by completing the following:

  • Verify retained earnings agree with your previous tax returns.
  • Reconcile your cash accounts and credit cards with bank statements.
  • Cross-reference your fixed assets on your tax returns equals those on your balance sheet.
  • Check your balance sheet liabilities agree with the loan statements and interest is appropriately categorized.
  • Authenticate intra-company loans agree on both sets of accounting records.
  • Make sure your Profit & Loss and Statement of Cash Flows ties with your Balance Sheet.

Once you’re all caught up, then your BGS accountant sets your schedule to regularly gathering your documents and consistently completes your ongoing bookkeeping. Now your accounting stays current as BGS Bookkeeping completes the following for you each month:

  • Reconciling your bank, credit cards, and loan statements.
  • Reviewing all expense and deposit entries are properly classified.
  • Making journal and ledgers entries to assure accounts reflect current financial position.
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual financial report needed to run your business.
  • Offering feedback based on your Unpaid Bills and Accounts Receivable Reports.
  • Providing financial input based on your Statement of Cash Flows.
  • Assessing your business health based on your current P & L and Balance Sheet
  • Delivering an action list each quarter closes based on your Quarterly Reports.

Get Started Now!

Stop losing sleep over you end of year accounting, and constantly wrestling with your cash flow. Call BGS Bookkeeping TODAY at 727-421-5579 or e-mail [email protected] and let us cleanup your end of year accounting and keep your bookkeeping current going forward.