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Don’t Lose Your PPP Loan Forgiveness!

Maximize Your PPP Loan Forgiveness!

after opening get your PPP loan forgivenessGetting your doors open and back to work brings both fear and excitement.  Since early April you’ve focused 100% of your thought on “how do I stay afloat while we wait.”

First, you got your accounting, (if you had any) pulled together so you could apply for any offered relief funding from the government in this unprecedented crisis. Legislation passed in the CARES Act was just as unprecedented, and rumors of all the FREE money soared.

don't get chained to more debt get your PPP loan forgiveness

But that FREE money, came with strings attached. If you don’t follow the rules, which keep changing, you could end up with loan payments beginning in November that must be repaid in 24 months!

Don’t let this government “lifeline” chain you to more potential debt and stress.

You have chance to reset and start anew.  Let BGS Bookkeeping help maximize your potential PPP Loan forgiveness while making your business stronger than before!

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BGS Bookkeeping PPP Loan Servicing

Have you seen the requirements to get your PPP loan forgiven? It’s 11-pages that can be more complex than doing your own tax returns!

You have to:

  • Define your covered and/or alternative period.
  • Determine your wage/hour reductions
  • Calculate your FTE’s
  • Remove your no-qualifying costs
  • Decide on which non-qualifying cost your will include.

BGS Bookkeeping designed a service to do your submission for you at one low price.  We help you:

  • Get your bookkeeping and accounting ready for submitting your application.
  • Unbundle your payroll reports and complete the necessary payroll analysis.
  • Evaluate the most favorable way to maximize forgiveness of your PPP loan.
  • Complete your worksheets, schedules, and application for submission to your lender.

All this for only $499. That’s right, $499 to make sure you maximize your PPP loan forgiveness. Just click the button to get your process started.

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Going Beyond Your Loan

Getting your business back to whole will take more than just money.  It takes focused effort on the right actions to accelerate you back to profitability.  In fact, done right, your business can come back stronger than before COVID-19!  That’s what our Crisis Recovery Checklist was meant to help you with.  Download you FREE copy by clicking the button below .

You’ll learn the right actions to accelerate your business past breakeven and get back to profitability faster. You just need to focus on the 8 factors that drive business growth.

You, like most small business owners, are more than competent operationally. The BGS proven profit system uses all 8 business growth factors to examine your business holistically (both financially and operationally). Now, you can choose the right operational strategies that best fit your specific situation.  Applying the right strategies makes action happens faster and with better results.

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